Do you want to distribute Etiland products?

Distribute personalized labels for clothing and objects

Etiland, c'est plus 20 years of experience, you offer a full guarantee of quality and service. Nous vous proposons toutes sortes de produits personalized conçus pour identifier à la fois les enfants et leurs affaires. Avec nos labels de marquage de vêtements et nos autocollants d'objets, vous vous assurez de ne rien perdre. Nous avons also d'autres types de produits pour décorer votre espace et à offer en cadeau

Taking care of our children is very important to us, so we attach great importance not only to design, but to the materials we use. We work to improve and adapt our production to market needs, innovating in materials and technology to improve our productivity, efficiency and customer service, without neglecting our more traditional face, which we do not forget or want to give up.

If you have a store or website that sells to the public and you want to become a distributor, please contact us through

In the email you must indicate your complete contact, personal and store information. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.