About us

Etiland has more than 20 years of experience. We are a small family business that has evolved to adapt to the market and, above all, to the needs of our clients.

Initially we only sold the basic fabric labels for ironing or sewing on clothing. We have worked to expand the offer of products for clothing marking and new uses. We currently offer all kinds of personalized products designed to identify things for both children and adults.

Our goal is that our children do not lose anything or lose themselves! On our website you can find labels to mark clothes, both for sewing and ironing, identification bracelets of various types, key rings, lanyards, chalkboard vinyls, decorative vinyls, embroidered products, everything you need for your little ones.

Taking care of our children is very important to us, so we attach great importance not only to design, but also to the materials we use. We work to improve and adapt our production to market needs, innovating in materials and technologies to improve our productivity, efficiency and customer service. Without leaving aside our most traditional face. That we do not forget or want to give up.